Hello world!

this is my week 7 blog post. for our project AI-based website. we are currently working on it. the sponsor had provided an HTML version of the website and right now, we need to change and add some of the React components into the website. but currently, we need to able to make the website to read all the Ploty geometry data file and convert them into Ploty Graph. after successfully convert them, we need to be able to view and measure in the geo editor. like a small function to measure the actual size of TDE. However, I had run into some issue, it seems like I still do not understand the React well when I try to code and make the website to read the geo file into Ploty graph, it is not working and did not give me the detail I want to see. right now I still not yet figure it out. I had to share my problem with my teammate and they were looking into my issue. we will have some discussion on it to figure this problem out. if we still could not figure out, I think we will reach out to the sponsor and provide what we have so far. something went poorly for this week is i think when we are discussing how to add the React component, i didn’t fully understand what the sponsor wants first and I waste some time on making something unnecessary. after having a meeting with the sponsor and demoing some code during the meeting, i had better understand about what is going on. something that went well for this week is for our team, we still having good contact with one another and could response fast within the group. we also had a discussion on how to use Plotly and talk about some ways to convert the files.