Effective Training

One class that I have found to be very beneficial in my years here at Oregon State was my class that taught me how to use Bluebeam Revu. This class taught me what it was how to use it and the different aspects that I could use this program for. I have found this to be the most beneficial class because I used it after that class multiple times for other classes. I have also used Bluebeam Revu in my internship this summer which leads me to believe I will also be using this program after I graduate. In the lecture material this week when it talked about evaluating the effectiveness, if this class were to be evaluated for its effectiveness it would do very well. The class was very effective and what I learned during that time I have still remembered till now. Also, when thinking of trainings that are important and not important this one has proven to be very important because I use it so much.

On the other had there was a coding class that I took that was not beneficial to me. I haven’t used any of the skills that I learned in that class after I took it and I don’t see myself using those skills at all in the future. This also makes me think of the effectiveness of trainings because this one was not effective. I also think that I could have learned something I would use in the future and that would be a lot a lot more effective for me.

Got any book recommendations?