Hello world!

this is my week 6 blog post. there is so much going on for week 6. after having meetings with sponsor, our team get to figure out more about this project we are going to do. the sponsor walks us through how to use Flask and how to use React. they also give us a tutorial to use Flask and React. some difficult i faced is I’m not sure how to connect to the Flask at first. my teammates could connect to the website but I can’t. after reaching out to the HP team, they guide me 1 on 1 to help me connect to the server and im able to run the code they provided. the next step we are going to do is to start to make some react component on the website. I’m still learning how to use the React but i think there isn’t a problem for me to build the web app. something that didn’t go well is i think all of the team members is overwhelmed with the work they have so our communication is not very effective. I think we need to find out a way to have more meeting for our group as we need need to build a prototype and also writing group assignment. something that went well was that we received the website code from HP team and we could work on it at any time. we also could write code on it and try to build something they want. some interesting technology we found is that we could use Figma to make a prototype for our project. Figma could make an interactable prototype so that it could help people to know the purpose of the function we are building. if my teammate haven’t use Figma before, i think i could guide them and tell them about the feature of Figma