Interview Effectiveness

Job interviews are an important aspect for employers to find a candidate that will fit into the company the candidate is applying for and interviews help the candidate determine if the company is a right fit for them. During an interview, the employer needs to make sure they; know the job and what you’re looking for, develop interview questions, have no bias, and avoid any disagreements(Selection outline). An effective interview will make sure the candidate feels comfortable and use their time wisely. I have had experience as a job applicant a couple times and they both had different structures. When I was interviewed for my job at one of the dining halls, they conducted a structured group interview. The structured interview was informative for the job and the group setting helped individuals feel more comfortable answering questions but it was hard to get a good read on the environment and supervisors. Since COVID started they now do individual interviews which are more helpful for the employer to get to know the candidate and I would recommend continuing individual interviews in the future. I was then interviewed a few months later for a promotion as a manager’s assistant. This interview was more informal because I would be working more closely with one of the managers and the manager wanted to get to know my personality so he would know if we would work together well. I would recommend that my employer had a little more structure during the second interview and make sure they discuss topics that can be directly related to the position. Overall, interviews are important and can determine if the applicant is qualified for the position, would be a good fit for a company, and help the employer understand the candidate’s personality in a professional manner but this will be the most beneficial when the interview is conducted properly. 


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