week 2 blog

this is the second blog for the blog post. overall, I think reading over the project again by myself, I think the project is harder than I expected.  first, we have no chance to meet with the sponsor this week although each individual had sent an email to the sponsor, i think this is a challenge for us as we know little about the project. we have to look at the project requirement by myself. as I was doing research about the printhead(i feel like the whole project is to make a web app to simulate inks from printhead), it is more complicated then I expected. we had to be very clear about the fluid dynamics as it will impact the size of the ink droplet and also it will affect the position of the ink, I tried to search some solution about it but so far I find only find few examples on it. something did not go well on this project is we still do not know details about the project. this is deadly as it will slow down the process of making plans and research. however, something that went well is we could meet everyone as a group and have some time to sit down and talk with everyone. although we did not have the chance to talk about the project, we could share our thought about the project and to predict what will be happening in the future, everyone talks about the project and I think it is very good. 

sometimes, I really am jealous of someone who can get to choose a project they really like. one interesting post I was reading earlier was , i found out she really love the project that is assigned to her and she said she is going to make more research to get to know more about wine. however, I think I’m also lucky to be in the AI-based web app development, I think it will help me to see and get more familiar to handle data. 

i think one of the dilemmas will be getting used to knowing the neural network provides from HP, I think our team is lack of the knowledge and experience to create some AI thing as from what I ask from my team, we know little about AI. we need to put in more time and effort to fulfil the requirement of the project. so far, i think the only thing we need to improve on is to be proactive. what we should do is to contact the sponsor early and to get to know more detail about the project.