Most Important Thing I’ve Learned

I have had a full semester, in this course, I have learned about recruitment and selection. What helped me the most were weeks four and eight, which involved applicant recruitment and job interviews. It will largely depend on my current working status. I will be finishing my MBA this year, and I need to sign a work contract before graduation. I think the interview process is a very important part of the interview process, and it is the most direct way for the organization to understand the candidate further. The contrast effect, similarity deviation, and non-verbal hint in the interview process will all impact the interview result. If I could understand why these effects occur and how to avoid them, I would stand a much better chance (chances come to those who are prepared).

I plan to work in human resources in the future. The lecture in the fourth week included recruitment objectives and various recruitment Methods, such as Internet Methods, Point of Purchase Methods, Campus Recruiters, etc. I think this knowledge about recruitment Methods is closely related to my later work. In my future work, I may face different recruitment situations, and how to implement different recruitment methods for different situations is very important. I think the lecture in the fourth week has provided me with a good knowledge foundation.

Through one semester’s study, I think I have gained some understanding of recruitment and selection, and I believe I can be a good recruitment manager in the future.