The list below contains selected publication from our group members from the last two years. If behind paywall, feel free to contact us for a copy. Lab members in bold.

Publications from 2021

Matzrafi, M., Preston, C., Brunharo, C. A. C. G. Evolutionary drivers of agricultural adaptation in Lolium spp. Pest Management Science (in press). DOI:

Suzukawa, A.K., Bobadilla, L.K., Mallory-Smith, C., Brunharo, C. A. C. G.  Non-target-site resistance in Lolium spp. globally: a review. Frontiers in Plant Science (in press).

Publications from 2020

Brunharo, C. A. C. G.; Watkins, S.; Hanson, B. Season-long weed control with sequential herbicide programs in California tree nut crops. Weed Technology (in press)

Liu, M.; Hulting, A.; Mallory-Smith, C. Giant reed (Arundo donax) responses to
herbicides in a greenhouse study. Weed Technology (in press)

Bobadilla, L. Hulting, A.; Curtis, D.; Mallory-Smith, C. Application of synthetic auxin herbicides to suppress seed viability of Italian ryegrass (Lolium perenne spp. multiflorum) in tall fescue seed production. Weed Technology (in press)

Driver, K.E.; Brunharo, C. A. C. G.; Al-Khatib, K. 2020. Mechanism of clomazone resistance in Leptochloa fusca spp. fascicularis to clomazone. Pesticide Biochemistry and Physiology 162: 1-5.

Publications from 2019

Brunharo, C.; Takano, H.; Mallory-Smith, C.; Dayan, F.; Hanson, B. (2019) Role of glutamine synthetase isogenes and herbicide metabolism in the mechanisms of resistance to glufosinate in Lolium perenne L. spp. multiflorum biotypes. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. (in press).
This open access article was featured in the Editor’s Choice program and cover of the August issue. Freely available here.

Pixley, K.; Falck-Zepeda, J.; Giller, K.; Glenna, L.; Gould, F.; Mallory-Smith, C.; Stelly, D.; Stewart, C. (2019) Genome editing, gene drives, and synthetic biology: Will they contribute to disease-resistant crops, and who will benefit? Annual Review of Phytopathology 57: 165-188.

Brunharo, C.; Morran, S.; Martin, K.; Moretti, M.; Hanson, B. (2019) EPSPS duplication and mutation involved in glyphosate resistance in the allotetraploid weed species Poa annua L. Pest Management Science 75: 1663. Available upon request.

Matzrafi, M.; Brunharo, C.; Tehranchian, P.; Hanson, B.; Jasieniuk, M. (2019) Increased temperatures and elevated CO2 levels reduce the sensitivity of Conyza canadensis and Chenopodium album to glyphosate. Scientific Reports 9: e2228. Freely available here.

Melo, M.; Rocha, L.; Brunharo, C.; Tornisiello, V.; Nissen, S.; Christoffoleti, P. (2019) Sourgrass resistance mechanism to the herbicide glyphosate. Brazilian Journal of Weed Science 37: 1. Freely available here.

Older publications here

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