2017 Show Reel

Like the shoeless cobbler’s kids or the dentist’s kids with their neglected teeth, our old demo reel languished for four long years without an update. But here it’s only February and we’ve already got our new 2017 showreel together. We’ll try not to wait that long before updating this one again. We thank all of […]

Time Lapse Lessons

[vimeo 133089536 w=880 h=495]

Time lapse photography has occupied my attention for several years. The visual passing of time strikes a chord with the part of me that is in constant daydream mode.

Beaver Nation – Creating a Sense of Place

Our latest digital campaign is underway. It’s our Beaver Nation interactive documentary, and it’s following the themes of the ongoing Beaver Nation efforts led by our sister unit, University Marketing. The whole campaign launched last year with our new commercial (also produced by our team in partnership with University Marketing). What the interactive documentary does is establish […]

Snow Day 2014

Classes may have been cancelled, but the campus was bustling with students and faculty taking in the rare site of a foot of snow blanketing our gorgeous campus. Everyone was capturing the moment with cameras and smartphones, or just standing and reverently soaking it all in.   – David

Analytics: End of Spring Term-ish…

Each time a homepage story is uploaded, one is taken down. When it is, we make sure to take a look at the analytics of the stories we remove. Here’s a look at the pageviews of previous homepage stories: Many videos are also attached to these homepage stories. Here’s a look at the analytics from […]

The Freedom to Fail

  You might wonder how the title of this relates to the above photo so let me try and establish the scene. Darryl (AKA “Da-REAL Deal”) squirreled himself into some kind of tiny sled. The reason this tiny sled exists still evades my comprehension. Justin then attached this strange sled to his waist much like a […]

How big is Super Grande?

Here are three things you can learn today. The Grande Super burrito at La Rockita (downtown Corvallis) is too big. I know wouldn’t typically ever think of saying that phrase, but the thing is just way to big. It broke open and spilled every where. Quite tasty, but a big disaster. Sorry I don’t have […]

Darryl’s on board

I’m thrilled to welcome our new multimedia producer, Darryl Lai, to the Web Communications team. With Justin Smith moving over to support Pac-12 Network programming and manage our overall department video production, we needed to fill his old role. And we were extremely fortunate to find Darryl’s mix of skills and enthusiasm. A graduate of […]

Foundation collaboration nets gold from CASE

Last fall, we had the honor of working with the OSU Foundation on a project for an annual dinner to induct new members of the Harris Society. Our entire team pitched in to create a series of six videos that played throughout the evening on the largest HD screens I’ve ever seen. I just learned […]