Beaver Nation United

For an upcoming football game all OSU fans are encouraged to wear Black apparel. It will be one of the first night games at Reser in a long time, so it should be a pretty incredible atmosphere. For the last decade (when we started winning) it has been a tradition for students to camp out […]

Whatever gets the job done.

In our department we value creativity. We have a pretty relaxed environment. Hours aren’t 100% scripted and our dress code is pretty relaxed. We have a voice in the design of our offices and creative spaces. In the Higher Education world I would say we operate outside of the norm. However, none of this would […]

Welcome to the Big Show!

Every year as a part of our paid sponsorship with Athletics we get to create a short video to be played during football games. Yes, that is accurate we (the university) have to pay to get a 30 second message up on the Jumbo Tron at each of our home football games. I understand it, but […]

Jimmy Johns

I recently had Jimmy Johns for lunch. If you aren’t familiar with the franchise I will try to sum them up really quick. They are a sandwich shop and their competitive advantage is that they are fast, really fast. Most of the time, when you walk in and order, your sandwich is ready by the time you […]

Team Bonding

Part of us met with local team members to plan out our marketing strategies for the next two years.

Student created content

I just want to say something ahead of this video. We definitely don’t agree/identify with the message these guys are delivering about Fraternities and their members. The Greek System at OSU does more good with their philanthropy and volunteering than most students ever consider. That being said, if you don’t find this amusing, you need […]

The Battle for YouTube

It’s Civil War time again and battles of all types have been raging between Oregon State University and the University of Oregon. In the middle of it all the Web Communications department has been waging a war of our own.