Powered by Orange

We’ve just launched the Powered by Orange Web site, part of our newest campaign. Unlike traditional campaigns where the audience is expected absorb the message and then somehow recall it when it comes time for action, in this campaign, the audience can actually participate, and even wind up running the show. There are a host […]

Why should OSU Twitter?

We recently conducted a series of focus groups on our OSU Web presence, specifically the home page. The results were fascinating. And, unfortunately, not all of the results turned out the way I would have wanted. For example, I would have hoped for a larger number of tweeters, but only 5% of our subjects used […]

Google Analytics

According to Google Analytics, every Monday over 20,000 visitors arrive at the OSU Web, stay two minutes and 14 seconds, view one and three-quarters pages, then move on.  The number decreases each day of the week until Saturday, when we’re down to less than 12,000 visitors.  What are those 12,000 people looking for on a […]

Google Insights and the coach

If you haven’t yet experimented with Google Insights, it’s definitely worth a look. It combs through all Google searches for specific terms and produces reports based on time and volume. For example, you can see if there’s a peak of interest for the terms “oregon colleges” and “university admissions” and you might plan your Web […]