CASE 8 Conference in Vancouver

Well… Where to begin? CASE 8 held a lot of firsts for me: It was my first time at a CASE Conference. It was my first time at any conference. It was my first time in Vancouver, and my first time in Canada. I didn’t even really, fully understand the term “advancement” until a few […]

Snow Day 2014

Classes may have been cancelled, but the campus was bustling with students and faculty taking in the rare site of a foot of snow blanketing our gorgeous campus. Everyone was capturing the moment with cameras and smartphones, or just standing and reverently soaking it all in.   – David

Analytics: Oct./Nov. 2013

We are in the middle of the holiday season at the moment, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t take a look back at the past few months of web traffic: Here’s a look at the stories we took down. Floralia was up on the homepage for a very, very long time. It was our […]

The Big Board – Top 50 sites at OSU

Over the last year or two we have been working to get our google analytics profiles under control. When they were initially setup there wasn’t much future thinking involved. At the time it wasn’t the go to metrics source for our sites, so I am not surprised that it was developed a bit hastily. We […]

UCDA Conference

Santiago and I had the honor of presenting the closing talk at this year’s University and College Designers Association (UCDA) conference in Louisville, KY. Here are the slides from our presentation on content marketing and the role that designers can play. So glad we had the chance to share some of our talented team’s work […]

Analytics: July/August 2013

July and August were all about getting rid of the (awesome) commencement stories we worked so hard on in the spring and replacing it with awesome content that could see us through the summer and straight into school. Here’s a look at the stories we took down. Stories up on the site at this time […]

Analytics: End of Spring Term-ish…

Each time a homepage story is uploaded, one is taken down. When it is, we make sure to take a look at the analytics of the stories we remove. Here’s a look at the pageviews of previous homepage stories: Many videos are also attached to these homepage stories. Here’s a look at the analytics from […]

Flower Goddess

Our team came up with a great microsite recently. It was one of those projects that grew organically out of collaboration and experimentation…nothing about it was planned in advance. Darryl was working on a video for the Spring Fashion Show put on by the School of Design and Human Environment. One of our best kept secrets […]

Ten rules for web content

From our presentation at the Drupal Bootcamp earlier this week, here are ten tips for better web content. Follow these and your page will automatically be ahead of most of the others out there. Use brief introductory copy on every major page: three lines max, aimed at new users Avoid dense blocks of text Make page […]