Student created content

I just want to say something ahead of this video. We definitely don’t agree/identify with the message these guys are delivering about Fraternities and their members. The Greek System at OSU does more good with their philanthropy and volunteering than most students ever consider. That being said, if you don’t find this amusing, you need […]

OSU featured in social media case study

It’s great when our institution receives positive recognition. In a series of case studies from the consulting firm Fathom Online Marketing, Oregon State’s efforts have been recognized as an example of best practices. This is largely due to the efforts of Web Comm staffers Kegan Sims and Celene Carillo, and the numerous other communicators on […]

The Battle for YouTube

It’s Civil War time again and battles of all types have been raging between Oregon State University and the University of Oregon. In the middle of it all the Web Communications department has been waging a war of our own.

Social Media Specialist

Beginning on October 1, Kegan Sims officially joined Web Communications as our full-time Social Media Specialist. Join me in welcoming him aboard. For the past few months Kegan has been devoting several hours per day to fostering conversation and driving traffic and membership to our various social media groups. He’s sponsored popular contests and earned […]

Integrating with Flickr

We’ve become avid users of the photo sharing service Flickr here at OSU. We go way beyond merely having an official OSU account on the service.  Key content on our main OSU site and top level pages is integrated with our account. Press releases (like this one) created by our news office use Flickr images. […]

Why should OSU Twitter?

We recently conducted a series of focus groups on our OSU Web presence, specifically the home page. The results were fascinating. And, unfortunately, not all of the results turned out the way I would have wanted. For example, I would have hoped for a larger number of tweeters, but only 5% of our subjects used […]

Social Media Directory at OSU

We’ve added a directory of social media sites and projects to the main OSU website. If you know of any more projects to add to this list, just let us know. Social media is exploding, not only from the tight economy, but because it’s unavoidably becoming a mainstream form of communication. You could follow, for […]

ROI for Social Media

What are the benefits of online marketing and Web communications? Certainly one is the ability to track and measure metrics in a way not possible with other more traditional forms of communication. Here’s an interesting blog post that covers return on investment. How do you measure your return on investment in the incipient arena of […]