Welcome Callie!

Web Comm ┬áteam is thrilled to have Callie Zilk on board as our new writer/editor. We’re excited about her webby predilections and her journalism background. With a degree in journalism from Mizzou’s storied program, and stints at the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and the Southern Poverty Law Center, she bring great experience to our group. She’s relocated […]

What is a User Experience Specialist?

So whenever I am in a meeting and we do the typical lets all introduce ourselves spiel. I inevitably get asked what I actually do or get the typical confused/intrigued facial expressions. I guess I should preface this by saying my official title is User Experience Specialist. Most of the time I give a fairly […]

How big is Super Grande?

Here are three things you can learn today. The Grande Super burrito at La Rockita (downtown Corvallis) is too big. I know wouldn’t typically ever think of saying that phrase, but the thing is just way to big. It broke open and spilled every where. Quite tasty, but a big disaster. Sorry I don’t have […]

The Most Valuable Book Ever Published!

I recently picked up a sweet new book, at the News and Research Communications Rummage Sale, called “The Most Valuable Book Ever Published”. With a title so bold you have to give it a second look. I bit the bullet and picked it up along with some Mardi Gras beads (you never know when they […]

Beaver Nation United

For an upcoming football game all OSU fans are encouraged to wear Black apparel. It will be one of the first night games at Reser in a long time, so it should be a pretty incredible atmosphere. For the last decade (when we started winning) it has been a tradition for students to camp out […]

Whatever gets the job done.

In our department we value creativity. We have a pretty relaxed environment. Hours aren’t 100% scripted and our dress code is pretty relaxed. We have a voice in the design of our offices and creative spaces. In the Higher Education world I would say we operate outside of the norm. However, none of this would […]