“Unity3D & Blender: Serious Game Development” Zack Larson, Design3

This was a kind of weak introduction to Unity3D (nothing new for me).

I got to ask a couple interesting questions afterwards. but. meh, this session was mostly a mistake.

Dan works for design3… Asks if anyone was planning on going to GES – because it is cancelled (this GES?). offers video training. Talks about how they also offer tools for integrating into curricula (university game design programs only?) ..

You can deploy Unity3D to different platforms… [Q: so what about communicating across these platforms? (phone input mixed with PC input?)] …

This is a very basic intro to unity. And kind of a big commercial for their service. Sigh.

Dude’s computer chokes horribly on autodesk’s “green garbage” game. He blames obscure computer issues (yet he brought this computer to a conference in order to run demos on it, right? sigh.)

I stayed after and asked some questions :

Q: What if I wanted to learn about making fluids in unity3d, but this wasn’t on their site yet?
A: They have a feedback form and a forum. [this felt like a dismissal, but nobody was crowding around, so i kept on].

– I mentioned our New media department (Todd Kesterson) might be interested in licensing their training videos for his, game dev classes. Got a card, which I should hand off.

– Design3 are the only authorized training partner for unity3d

Q: Do they have anything about creating bones/nodes (or whatever they’re called) for mocap tie-in, in Maya?
A: blank stares. (I apologized for asking these random lame questions).

Q: Does Unity3D allow cross chat across platforms?
A: “Rack net” is the backend unity3D uses for multiplayer. They have videos on it. For leaderboards and/or for chat. Notes a demo of gameplay between phones.

Q: Didnt they used to offer DVDs (stumbled across them back when I was looking into Source Mods)
A: Yes. But was cheaper to go download route

Q: Is Lynda is competitor? Or is there any possibility of sub letting their videos?
A: Not a competitor, but probably won’t sublet to them. They are really trying to offer more than just video.


… probably no need to check back on this one actually

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