Below is a list of WAC resources for Math.

Bahls, Patrick. “Math and Metaphor: Using Poetry to Teach College Mathematics.” The WAC Journal, vol. 20, November 2009, 75-90.

Doe, Sue et al. “Stories and Explanations in the Introductory Calculus Classroom: A Study of WTL as a Teaching and Learning Intervention.” The WAC Journal. vol. 27, Fall 2016, 94-118.

Heckelman, Ronald J., and Will-Matthis Dunn III. “Models in Algebra and Rhetoric: A New Approach to Integrating Writing and Mathematics in a WAC Learning Community.” Language and Learning Across the Disciplines. vol. 6, issue 3, August 2003, 74-88.

von Renesse, Christine, and Jennifer DiGrazia. “Mathematics, Writing, and Rhetoric: Deep Thinking in First-Year Learning Communities.” Journal of Humanistic Mathematics. vol. 8, issue 1, January 2018, 24-63.

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