Sit less, move more during the holiday season! Make plans to remain active while visiting with family and friends. Here are some great wellness tips from Wellness Education Coordinator, Danielle Caldwell:

  • Work out with your mobile device. Download an app(s) or video(s) for your mobile device or watch an online video that will help you get moving. These may be especially helpful when you‘re traveling and staying in a hotel or with family and friends. Consider getting started with a 10 minute workout video from Recreational Sports.
  • Set a challenge. Between Thanksgiving Day and New Year’s Day, come up with a realistic challenge to keep you motivated.  For example, challenge yourself to a daily 10 minute walk, one new yoga pose a day or one body weight exercise. Set the challenge with a friend or family member to increase accountability.
  • Bring a Resistance Band. Resistance bands travel well and are easy to use. You can use one to squeeze in strength exercises whenever you can catch a few minutes over the holidays. Take the “72 Hour Sit Less, Move More Challenge” and earn a FREE resistance band!
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