Oregon State University Veterans,

My name is Capt O’Doherty. I am the local Marine Officer recruiter for Oregon. Congrats on pursuing your college education. That is a great milestone to achieve in your life. I would like to extend the opportunity to anyone who would like to know more information on how to become a Marine Officer and help you complete your degree. If you would like more information please feel free to contact me anytime at (541)758-0835 Office, (541)760-4414 Cell, casey.odoherty@marines.usmc.mil.

Some key things to know if flying has been an interest for you only the Marines can GUARANTEE a flight contract. Also earlier in college standing that you apply there are more selection spots for training. If you are still in the reserves still that is a great green weight for applications and is counted as drill time if you attend OCS. While at OCS you are paid as an E-5 if you have not attained a higher rank. Thank you for your time.

Captian O’Doherty, USMC

Officer Selection Officer

Officer Selection Station Corvallis

572 NW Van Buren

Corvallis, OR 97330

(541)758-0835 Office

(541)760-4414 Cell


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