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  • Post #3

    A quick project update – I’m beginning to move from planning into coding. The planning stage of this ended up taking longer than anticipated. As a reminder, my team is taking an existing desktop application and converting the calculation engine over to a cloud based system. Most of the calculation-specific functions can be left alone,…

  • Post #2: And We’re Off

    We’re off to the races! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting my team and project sponsor this week and so far I’m excited! My team has been great at communicating and we seem to gel well; I tend to be a bit nervous for any group work in this program because it can be difficult…

  • Post #1: Getting Started

    Hi all — My name is Clay and I figure the best way to start this quarter is with a brief introduction. I got my first degree in chemical engineering from Penn State back in 2014 and upon graduating began working in the oil/gas industry. Since then I have bounced around the country with the…

  • Hello world!

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