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Today Show: Schools Fit for Foodies [Video]  October 4th, 2012

During the Oct. 3 NBC  Today Show, Oregon State was named a top pick “School Fit for Foodies.”  The segment during Tuesday’s show highlighted about a dozen colleges/universities across the nation, ranking them as great selections based on individual interests, like the outdoors or being career minded.

See the video. (The OSU portion starts at about the 5 minute mark).


Reserve your tickets now for New Student Picnic (Sept. 20)  September 4th, 2012

We look forward to helping you move-in Sept. 18-19. Before you arrive: Watch the welcome video, check MyUHDS for your arrival date and time and read our move-in guide. If you have additional questions, please email the housing assignments office at

After you get settled, we hope you will attend the New Student Picnic at 5 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 20, in the Memorial Union quad. It’s a great way to meet and mingle with hundreds or your new campus neighbors. Tickets are $7 and are billed from your meal plan. Use this online reservation form to reserve your ticket.

Please note: You can reserve your picnic ticket online until Sept. 14. After that date, remaining tickets will be available to purchase in person at the markets in the three main dining centers on campus (Main Squeeze, EBGB’s and Arnold Dining). After 1 p.m. on the day of the event, any remaining tickets will be put up for sale at Bing’s Café in Weatherford Hall near the Memorial Union. If you have not previously picked up your reserved ticket from your residence hall staff, you can pick it up at the will call table outside Bing’s Café on the evening of the event.

Now hiring: Cook 1  July 12th, 2012

University Housing & Dining Services is currently recruiting for a Cook 1 to join our Dining Services team.  If you know of any individuals who may be eligible and interested in applying for this position, please direct them to the OSU Jobs Website.

The opening is a full-time for the Academic Year (10 Months). Starting wage $11.26 hourly plus benefits.  Requires at least one year of full-time cook experience. Posting #0009334.

Closing date is July 23, 2012. Oregon State University is an Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Employer (AA/EOE).

Now hiring: Customer service representatives  July 5th, 2012

University Housing & Dining Services is seeking students enthusiastic about helping others to work with our customer service team. Please apply by July 15 for consideration.

Customer Service Representatives provide a wide range of support and services to students, staff, and parents through the UHDS Service Centers via telephone, email, and face-to-face interactions.

As a first stop for student housing and dining questions, the service center strives to be a “one-stop shop” for on-campus residents.  The service centers manage resident keys, mail, check-in, check-out, work order processing, and general customer service.  As a member of the Service Center Complex, Customer Service Representatives are expected to accomplish the primary objectives of UHDS to help create and maintain an effective living/learning community within the complex.

A personal and professional commitment to providing excellent customer service and creating inclusive environments is a core value of University Housing and Dining Services.

The Operations/Facilities unit of University Housing & Dining Services employs over 50 professional and student staff. We provide residential services for students including room assignments, resident contract management, service center operations, customer service, Residential Conferences, Building Services, and manage Orchard Court family housing. The majority of student staff positions are located at the Service Centers – Arnold, McNary, Weatherford, and West – and the UHDS central office. Some positions exist at the Facilities Maintenance Center and within the Building Services program which services the residence halls during the academic year and the Residential Conferences operation during the summer.

With over 150 full time employees and over 550 student employees, UHDS manages the Operations/Facilities, Dining, Marketing, Business Services, and Residential Education program serving over 3,000 resident students and managing 1.5 million square feet of space.

Operations/Facilities Student Application

Customer Service Representative Position Description – PDF

For more information, call or email: 541-737-4771 or

See more jobs: UHDS student job listings


OSU welcomes new students at START  June 25th, 2012

New Student Programs & Family Outreach is collaborating with our campus partners to welcome new students at START – OSU’s summer advising, registration and orientation program. Students attend START to meet with an academic advisor, register for fall term classes, attend workshops on a variety of topics, meet current students and staff, and learn about campus resources. This summer orientation program aids in the transition process of OSU’s new students. A parent/family orientation program runs concurrently.

Please note that START dates this year are as follows:

  • Monday, June 25 – Tuesday, June 26 – First-year START
  • Thursday, June 28 – Friday, June 29   – First-year START
  • Monday, July 2 – Transfer START
  • Sunday, July 8 – Monday, July 9 – First-year START
  • Wednesday, July 11 – Transfer START
  • Thursday, July 12-Friday, July 13 – First-year START
  • Monday, July 16 – Friday, July 17- First-Year START
  • Thursday, July 19- Friday, July 20 – First- Year START
  • Sunday, July 22-Monday, July 23 – First-year START
  • Wednesday, July 25 – Transfer START
  • Thursday, July 26 – Friday, July 27 – First-year START
  • Monday, August 27-Tuesday, August 28 – First-year START
  • Wednesday , August 29 – Transfer START

You will notice an increased amount of people on campus during these days and traffic to your department/office could increase. Usually our 2-day orientation program for first-year students involves about 800 participants (students and their family members). Our 1-day transfer sessions see about 375 participants.

Student unable to participate in START will be invited to attend new student orientation in September.

If you would like more information about OSU’s new student programming and/or START, please visit our web site: . We are always looking for campus-wide participation in our programs. If you would like to be involved in any aspect please contact me.

Thank you in advance for your help in creating a welcoming environment for our new students.

New Student Programs & Family Outreach
Oregon State University
p: 541.737.7627  f: 541.737.6157


Now hiring: Administrative Programs Specialist  May 1st, 2012

University Housing and Dining Services (UHDS) at Oregon State University (OSU) seeks candidates for one full-time Administrative Program Specialist.
This position provides administrative support to the financial business objectives and marketing and promotional project coordination/management for multiple projects at different stages of completion, working directly with department clients, ensuring that their objectives and goals are reached.  A fundamental working knowledge of campus housing and dining operations is vital to the effective customer service required of this position.

This position is set up in a dual report structure. Approximately .50 FTE is supervised by the Assistant Director of the UHDS Marketing, Assessment, and Communications (MAC) unit. The remaining .50 FTE is under the supervision of the Assistant Director of the UHDS Finance and Business Services (FABS) unit.

Marketing, Assessment, and Communications seeks to enhance and support the brand image of UHDS by developing targeted strategic communications / market planning, advertising, direct marketing and market research for department operations. Financial and Business Services oversees department finances and purchases in collaboration with the Auxiliaries and Activities Business Center and department units.  
University Housing & Dining Services recognizes the importance of learning both in and out of the classroom, and supports the concept of education as an individual as well as a community experience. Our primary focus is service to OSU students. We strive to provide our students, faculty, staff, and guests with safe, economical, on-campus living and dining options that are convenient and comfortable. We offer a variety of living and dining options in fourteen residence halls, four cooperatives, three dining centers, two coffee shops, a market, and a limited number of family apartments and houses. Our Department is an auxiliary enterprise which is funded solely by customers who use our services — we receive no State or tax dollars. We work to maintain the highest educational and service standards for our customers. University Housing and Dining Services is committed to an appreciation for diversity, and fosters an open respectful and enjoyable living, learning atmosphere.

A personal and professional commitment to providing excellent customer service and creating inclusive environments is a core value of University Housing and Dining Services.

Pay range $2521-$3619/month
For full job description and qualifications, and to apply visit  Posting #0008983
Closes May 11.

‘Grandma’ Jayne serves students for 8 years  March 22nd, 2012

[The Daily Barometer, March 16, 2012] —  Concept manager Jayne Novotny, is a person who many consider the heart and spirit of West dining on campus.

Tuesday through Saturday of every week, she arrives at work by 11a.m. to help open shop.

Her father was a Teamster directly under Jimmy Hoffa, as was her aunt. Novotny cracked a sly smirk as she discussed her father’s work during her youth.

“They all had semis back in the 40s, and my dad ran moonshine all throughout Missouri and Illinois. We lived mostly out on farms or ranches, and that’s probably why I talk the way I talk.”

Not referencing a dialect or an accent when she mentions “talk,” 64-year-old Novotny, much to the enjoyment of her co-workers, has a mouth to rival that of George Carlin. You haven’t heard a dirty joke until you have heard it from a short, rail-thin woman who, despite her pension for snide humor, has become known as the “Grandma” of West Dining Center.

“She is the most feminine male I know,” said Dave, her husband of 35 years.

Since 2004, Novotny has worked at West Dining Center, one of several dining facilities on the Oregon State University campus. She started as a temp, and in 2005 was hired full-time to work in the Clubhouse Deli, which provides soups, salads and sandwiches to students — namely residents of Sackett Hall, West International Housing and the Hawley/Buxton/Poling dormitory system directly across the street.

“First and foremost, I was just out looking for a job.” Novotny said.  “And then I got to know the kids, and I knew God had put me here for a purpose. I belong there.”

Prior to starting her job at West, Novotny made rounds of the greater Willamette Valley, attending high school in both Corvallis and Philomath, where she eventually met her husband. The two were temporary nomads of sorts until they ended up in Arizona, where Dave got a job with the Tucson Police Department. While he trained, she worked three jobs at once to help support their two daughters.

Now that their children have families of their own, she and Dave have settled in a Corvallis far different from the one she knew in 1965. But Novotny said she hasn’t had to look far to find “replacement kids.”

“These kids, the ones I work with, or used to and am still friends with, they keep me happy. They keep me young,” she said. “They are giving me a chance to show them about older people and what kind of sense [of humor] some of ushave.”

Those students seem to agree.

“She’s like my Oregon grandma,” said Jordan Guerrero, senior in sports science who worked with Novotny for years. “She’s definitely put a brighter spin on living in Oregon seeing as how it’s gloomy about nine months of the year.”

Swift hands, steady from years of training show horses and holding more jobs than most can count, fly across the food preparation counters everyday as she makes sure to greet her fellow co-workers, many of whom are students at OSU.

Jana Boyl, senior in apparel design, began working alongside Novotny at West Dining Center four years ago, which is when she got her first dose of the notorious humor of “Grandma Jayne.”

“Jayne has definitely acted as a mentor for me,” Boyl said. “I remember seeking her out at work after my first relationship ended. I couldn’t think of anyone better to talk to, because I knew that she would have something to say that would make me feel better. And I was right.”

Many echo this sentiment. In 2009, the RA staff members of the Hawley/Buxton/Poling residential hall units honored her with an award commending her for her invaluable service to the school and her warm attitude toward all students.

A face etched with laughter lines cringes at the mention of some of her “kids” graduating and leaving soon.

A matter-of-fact sense of humor often masks her awareness of the type of role she has played in the lives of the students.

“My favorite aspect of her personality is that she can point out the silver lining of any situation or event, while still being the one of the most down-to-earth women I’ve ever met,” Boyl said.

Novotny has seen two changes in management since she started at West, one of which she claims was lacking in a lot of direction and compassion for student-workers, a void which she chose to fill. ..

Read the full article by Drew Wilson-McGrath.

Famished? We rank the best places to eat on campus  February 9th, 2012

[The Daily Barometer, Feb. 9, 2012] — Oregon State University houses a plethora of conveniently placed cafés that offer a wide variety of delectable delicacies. Depending on your cravings, these eateries can offer you anything from a mid morning snack to a full-blown meal. We feel that these “birds” have flown under the radar and have been greatly underutilized for far too long. It’s time the public knows the truth about the magic happening in and around these refectories on a daily basis.

Alexander Crawford and Kyle Hart decided to let their ferocious appetites fuse with the power of the pen to bring you our list, ranking the best eateries on campus. This list excludes eating establishments that are currently in dining centers. Components that were considered in our write-up include, but are not limited to: customer service, timeliness, creativity, ingenuity, and general taste.

6. Bing’s Café

(Weatherford Hall): Let me start off by saying that although Bing’s is at the bottom of this list, it is by no means a bad spot to eat.  We just felt that the other five eateries we explored were either tastier or had more to offer.  Bing’s is a classic café-sandwiches, coffee, gelato and a modified calzone called a calzini. The sandwiches at Bing’s are always fresh and they allow for you to include a myriad of different veggies.  It is also worth noting that the coffee at Bing’s is from Starbucks.  Every other coffee location at OSU is serves either Allann Bros. or Portland Roasting Company (expect for the Peet’s Coffee in the new International Living-Learning Center which serves…well… Peet’s).  The number one reason to visit Bing’s is actually not the food, but an opportunity to talk to Carol — the Bing’s manager — a legend on the OSU campus.

Read the full article by Alex Crawford and Kyle Hart.

Best Colleges Online: 14 Colleges That Cater to Gluten-Free Students  January 12th, 2012

Over the past few decades, rates of gluten intolerance, also known as celiac disease, have skyrocketed. Today, it is estimated that nearly one out of every 133 people may have some degree of gluten intolerance. Whether this is because of a rise in actual gluten intolerance or just better ways of understanding and diagnosing the disease has yet to be determined, but it does mean that more and more colleges are paying attention and providing for the needs of students who may suffer from a gluten intolerance. While there is still a long way to go in making the majority of schools safe and celiac-friendly, some colleges and universities are going above and beyond when it comes to providing gluten-free options. Here are just a few of the schools who are leading the way, though many, if not most, have programs to provide meals for students with any kind of dietary need.

  1. 1. Baylor University

    At Baylor University, students can find a wide range of gluten-free menu options through the school’s dining services. Due to demand from students, the university began offering more gluten-free options in 2010, and students can find out about which dining halls and menu items will meet their needs through the menus posted online each week.

  2. 2. University of Tennessee

    Students with gluten intolerance can get help through a student nutrition coordinator found on campus. These professionals can help to ensure that students get the nutrition they need without encountering any potentially harmful gluten. Additionally, Volunteer Dining offers a range of gluten-free options both in residential dining halls and in the stores found throughout the campus. For students who still can’t find what they need, the school offers the option to put in special orders, though this must be done ahead of time.

  3. 3. Georgetown University

    Georgetown University is working hard to meet the dietary needs of all the students on campus. While dining halls do not always have gluten-free options, students shouldn’t despair. The school has a registered dietician on staff who can help those with celiac to find the resources, tools, and food they need. This program can provide students with everything from gluten-free foods, to a gluten-free microwave to use, so that they’ll stay safe and healthy on campus.

  4. 4. Oregon State University

    Students at Oregon State don’t have to work hard to find gluten-free options in their dining halls. The school offers a list of all of the gluten-free options they serve in each on-campus dining hall or cafe. At some locations, these options may be limited, but in many of the larger dining halls, gluten-intolerant students should find a wide range of healthy and tasty foods that won’t irritate their digestive systems. If those items don’t suit student needs, there is always a registered dietician on hand to make sure that dietary considerations are met.

  5. 5. Bard College

    Bard College offers dining hall services that can meet a wide range of student dietary needs, from veganism to gluten intolerance. The school is currently working on renovations to one of their main dining halls that will include a new gluten-free section, keeping these foods separate from those that might contaminate them with gluten and cause reactions in some of the most sensitive students.


Read the rest of the article “Best Colleges Online: 14 Colleges That Cater to Gluten-Free Students.”

Check out our gluten-free menu.  We are always trying to improve our menu options. Use our feedback form or contact our dietitian Tara Sanders with suggestions.

Cascadia’s new location brings healthy options, good prices  January 10th, 2012

As Cascadia settles into new location, design, students can buy produce at lower price


[The Daily Barometer, Jan. 10, 2012] — Whether living on campus and using the dining centers or in an off-campus apartment making food for themselves, it is assumed college students don’t know the first thing about cooking.

Sheila Ulfers, part of the team at Cascadia Market on campus, experienced the issue first hand. “While I was in college, I did not know how to cook. So when I graduated, it was like ‘OK, what kind of foods do I want to cook?’ To me it was obvious: the healthy alternative. I just learned how to cook with healthy foods. It became a part of my life.”

That is exactly the idea she brought to Cascadia when she was hired last summer. Prior to working at Oregon State University, Ulfersworked at the First Alternative Food Co-op in Corvallis and was a general manager for the two stores they have. She brought all of the information she gained there to Cascadia and has helped expand it into what it is now.

Last year, Cascadia was located next to Arnold Dining Center and was only about half the size it is now.

“When we were going to do the remodel, I had my staff look at our history, and took the last 200 top items [that we sold], and we bought about 25 of them,” said George Coulter, food and beverge area manager at Arnold Dining.

But they still didn’t know how this year was going to work with the larger store. “We didn’t have the international cliental. We didn’t have the amount of people on this side of campus. We got Sheila hired about a week before we opened.”

For this coming term, Coulter said what they carry now will be based on what they’ve learned over the course of fall term. As well as all of the information that Ulters brought.

“What I noticed at First Alternative is that our customer mix kept getting older. A good way to start it is at the college level. So they get a sense that there is an alternative source out there,” Ulfers said. “Learning how to cook: That’s something our culture is getting used to.”

Ulfers’s main goal is to find “products that have more potential for long-term sustainability than the short-term, buy-it-now, sort of junk. I’m looking to see if I can upgrade the ingredients to sell.”

Cascadia carries fair trade chocolate candies, nut blend candies, as well as wheat- and gluten-free products. Just walking into the store, there are many obvious choices that are not available most other places. “Hopefully next summer I can bring in some more local produce,” Ulfers said.

Another one of the big things Cascadia offers that other places on campus don’t is produce. There is a large selection coming from various sources.

“Sources have been Oak Creek Farms, an organic farm managed by OSU Horticulture; Red Hat Melons, a local farm who provides melons, pumpkins and squash; Riverwood Farms, local grower who provides apples and pears; and Pacific Coast Fruit in Portland who sources products both locally and otherwise,” said Rich Turnbull, associate director of University Housing and Dining Services.

Read the full story at The Daily Barometer. Article by Gwen Shaw. Photo by Vinay Bikkina.