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Prepare for winter driving  November 20th, 2012

If you are headed for cold weather fun or just over a mountain pass for break, scope out your route on or call 800-977-ODOT (6368) before you leave. The site is updated by the Oregon Department of Transportation and allows you see the road cameras and weather conditions for most of the main highways in the state before you drive them. If you are planning to travel out of Oregon for Thanksgiving or Winter Break, there are similar road camera sites for Washington, California, Idaho, and Nevada.

Keep an emergency kit in your vehicle.  Items such as an extra ice scraper, extra gloves, blanket, boots, a small hand shovel, an extra pair of socks, and a flashlight should always be included, as well as a bag of sand or even a bag of kitty litter. Also keep some food and water, just in case.

If you don’t have snow tires, carry chains and know how to use them.

Heather Holton, Resident Director of Callahan Hall


Tip: Don’t drive sleepy. Get some rest before you get behind the wheel. Check out this article on “Surviving the day after an all-nighter” from WebMD and recognize what your body is going through. Better to arrive late, than never.