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Lizeth – New Experiences and Beginnings  October 13th, 2009

Surprisingly I am done with the first two weeks of my college career and they went so fast. People always say how time flies when you are having fun and I never believed them. Time always went by so slow in high school and it seemed you had a lot of time on your hands, but now there is no time waste. You always have a paper due or an assignment that needs to get done. Since I have been at Oregon State University it has been exciting and I am already enjoying new experiences like rock climbing at the Dixon Recreational Center.

I have really enjoyed starting the class this fall. In the mornings there is nothing but a sea of people going to classes, it really is such a different experience. Right now I am taking: Math 251, Chemistry 221, ALS 107, and Spanish 314. It is mostly review for now but they still give you a lot of homework to do and I am still having nights where I stay up late and get no sleep. The professors/instructors have been helpful getting the students ready for class. I am stressing a bit though because I found out that I am having my first midterm next Tuesday! Yes, midterms happen quickly here and you have to be prepared for anything. That is why college is such a great new experience because you never know what is in store or what is going to happen next or where you will end up. Hopefully you decide to come to Oregon State University. I know I am enjoying it and I know you will too! Well I hope you have a wonderful weekend.