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Food and Culture

Posted May 5th, 2011 by cws_mcqu

I find it interesting that given the amazing differences in various world cultures that there is something so very similar in our foods. Take empanadas for instance. Almost every culture has food encased in pastry whether it is an empanada of Central and South America, pastels in Brazil, pasties in Ireland and Wales, boerek in Lebanon, samosas in South Asia, potstickers in China, and dozens of other varieties of meat or bean stuffed pastries.

But then again, like food, there is so much more that binds us together than what separates us. While we celebrate our differences, let us also embrace our similarities. There is a great opportunity coming up to do both. I hope to see you all at this year’s Pow Wow coming up on May 13th.

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One Response to “Food and Culture”

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