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Assault and Me

Posted March 8th, 2011 by cws_mcqu

On the morning of February 8th I was assaulted outside of the town houses on 10th and Jefferson. I was with two friends a man and woman. We were heading back from Qdoba to a friend’s house after a night out. As we approached the corner of 10th and Jefferson, there were two men and a woman standing on the corner. The woman was clearly distressed as she was on the corner sobbing, and the two men were trying to console her. As my group of friends passed one of us observed and reported to the others that the woman’s night had ended poorly. One of the men in the distressed woman’s group took offense to this and told me to “keep walking you fucking faggot.” I turned around and told him, “Don’t call me a fucking faggot.” He took greater objection to this than my group’s earlier observation, and he proceeded to rush me. The man continued to call me a faggot as he shoved me 4 or 5 times. He then proceeded to bump his chest into mine. Next, he threatened to punch me and that escalated to death threats. The police were eventually called, but I did not press charges because the guy who assaulted had bolted as soon as he knew the police were coming.

Now, whenever I walk by the town houses I get a little shiver up my back especially if there are crowds of people outside of them. However, although there are many different ways I could get to my friend’s house that don’t take me by the townhouses, I refuse to let my fear shape how I go about my day to day life.

If something similar were ever to happen to you or someone you know, you should know that there are many resources available to you on campus.


Cultural & Resource Centers

Pride Center: (541)-737-9161

Women’s Center: (541)-737-3186

Centro Cultural César Chávez: (541)-737-3790

Lonnie B. Harris Black Cultural Center:


Asian & Pacific Cultural Center: (541)-737-6361

Native American Longhouse: (541)-737-2738


CAPS: (541)-737-2131

Community Resources

Center Against Rape and Domestic Violence:



Safe Ride: (541)-737-5000


Oregon State Police:

Non-emergency: (541) -737-3010

Emergency: (541)-737-7000

Padraic McGraw
Community Relations Facilitator-Southside

The comments shared by the Community Relations Facilitator program are strictly the point of view from the author and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of UHDS. If this article has inspired a desire to dialogue, the author, or another CRF and/or any Resident Assistant, Resident Director or CoOp Director would be happy to participate. Please contact Nina Gassoway ( to assist in making arrangements.

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