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Community Relations Facilitators

Posted October 4th, 2010 by mclaugke

Entering its third year, the Community Relations Facilitator (CRF) program continues to promote inclusive and welcoming communities in the residence halls, cooperative houses, and dining facilities through facilitated workshops and programs.  As a function of University Housing and Dining Services (UHDS) the CRFs work within the residence halls and cooperative houses leading discussions and activities around issues of diversity and social justice. They also act as a liaison for the four cultural centers and two resource centers on campus. Furthermore they participate in meetings for various committees like the Residence Hall Association.

The CRF team consists of four members with various backgrounds and experience. Kevin Rodemack is one of the two returning CRFs from last year. He is working with the Hawley, Buxton, Cauthorn, and Poling and has office hours in the Native American Longhouse and the Asian/Pacific Islander Cultural Center. Kameron Beeks is the other returning CRF who is working with Wilson, Callahan, and McNary halls. He is also teamed up with the cooperative houses and is the Residence Hall Association liaison. Melissa Rico is the CRF that is linked with Weatherford, West International, and Sackett. She is working with the Centro Cultural César Chávez and the Black Cultural Center. Padraic McGraw is involved with Bloss, Finley, and Halsell. Currently he is working with the Pride Center and the Women’s Center.

For this year, the CRF team has made it a goal to lead at least four facilitations each month.  They are also going to host a large event every term. The large event for fall term will be Diá de los Muertos on October 29th from 5pm to 8 pm put on by Melissa and Kameron.   Padraic will also be working with the Native American Longhouse to provide an Alternative Thanksgiving on November 9th in McNary Dining.

If you would like to learn more about the CRF program please visit their webpage

Have a wonderful year.

Kameron Beeks

Community Relations Facilitator Eastside and Co-Ops

RHA Liaison

The comments shared by the Community Relations Facilitator program are strictly the point of view from the author and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of UHDS. If this article has inspired a desire to dialogue, the author, another CRF, and/or any Resident Assistant, Cooperative Director, or Resident Director would be happy to participate. Please contact (, UHDS Multicultural Resource Coordinator, to assist in making arrangements.

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