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Lizeth–Recycle Fashion Show

Posted March 2nd, 2010 by Allyson

Hi Everyone

For the past two weeks it has been nonstop homework and studying, but now that I have started to meet different people on my floor they have been able to help me with the problems I have been having with my homework. Winter term has flown by also, in just three weeks we will be going home, and once again be reunited with our families. I have missed mine so much and this term has been tougher than the last. This week I attended the 20th annual recycle fashion show. If you ever attend Oregon State University I think it is an event that everyone must go and see. They had all kinds of awesome and very well designed outfits and dresses. There was a large spectrum of how the designs were made. They ranged from a Caprisun dress to a bridal gown. My personal favorite was the bridal gown, which was made from dryer sheets! The designer used the dryer sheets to make origami roses to make the bottom of the dress and made over 500 of them. It was a well-organized event and I enjoyed it a lot. As I am writing this write now tsunami waves are hitting Hawaii and I hope everyone makes it out ok. Have a good weekend!


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