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Shanna – Rebirth

Posted April 13th, 2009 by hansene

Here is a picture of a Siberian tiger because it reminds me of what my ambitions are and why I work so hard.

Siberian Tiger

Siberian Tiger

So I have spent the first two weeks of school doing a lot of relaxing and organizing. I found that I had absolutely no motivation to do anything, especially including homework. It was like I knew the consequences would have to come, but I just didn’t care enough to bother. We all know procrastination is a bad thing, but yet somehow we all find times to do everything, but what we really ought to: homework.

Near the end of the week I finally decided that I needed to get moving again and that I had taken too long of a break. One thing led to another and I ended up being lined up to do four stories for the newspaper in one week. Maybe I went a little overboard about getting back involved with things, but I have to admit it feels good to be busy again.

Sometimes I think that we have all have some desire to be useful and worthwhile. I find that I feel that way when I get involved in as much as I can. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that you are doing something important. When I finally decided to get out of my pit and do something I realized that what I really needed was just to be working again.

It’s still difficult to get back into good studying habits after the break, and just thinking about all the reading I have to do for classes this term is stressful. I’m still rather disorganized which is unusual for me, but I’m just working back up to doing things step by step. I finally did my laundry after a while. It provided a nice excuse to reading, and I decided to watch a movie while I folded laundry. It’s great to be a multi-tasker.

Have you ever realized that during the ages 18-30 we have a lot of pressure on us about defining ourselves? We all must seek out what we want to do with our lives. Some people seek marriage, others big careers that will take years to obtain, and many just try to do whatever makes them feel happy. How do we really find ourselves though?

I’ve found that works for me is to be busy. I’m unfortunately one of those people that likes just about everything so I find myself always trying to do as much as possible. It’s a miracle I always find a way to do it all. For the last two weeks I thought I was trying to “find” myself and slow things down to where I could think. All of that and I came to the conclusion that I constantly need to be doing something and that I just fret over petty things when I’m not busy.

College is most certainly a good time to discover one’s self. It’s when we realize that there’s no one there, but you to motivate yourself. We have to learn how to drive ourselves to do the things that we know we need to do. No one will remind us, no one will care if we don’t do it, and life will continue to go on without us. It is then, that we realize we need to find a way to continue to study and do things of our own will.

This Easter weekend I didn’t do much, but I did do a lot of thinking. I’ve recovered from my relaxation period, and I feel alive again. Through my rebirth I’ve gained a better understanding of what is truly important to me. I love helping people, and I feel at a loss when I can’t help those that need my help. There is so much to do in life so why do we waste these precious hours on things that won’t make a difference the next day. We can make a difference in the world, and one large step in that begins with college. If we hope to gain what we need to out of college we will have to learn how to do the homework. You can go far in life if you learn to apply yourself. However, I feel that may be a lifelong goal for the majority of people in this world including myself.

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