Revisit Your Curious Nature to Inspire Your Learning

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Like the rest of us, you have a curious nature. As a developer or an aspiring developer, you harness that curiosity and let it drive you to delve into the learning subjects that will help you. By remembering your curious nature, you can experience learning in the spirit of letting your thirsty sponge-mind absorb the information it wants.

What’s A Good Reason to Get Out of Bed?

When I wake up in the morning, I often lie in bed for awhile and my mind does what it will. I think about whatever comes to the surface – Yesterday’s events, today’s plans, a thing that someone said, a thing I wish I had said… whatever. Sometimes, I think of something that gives me a twinge of anxiety. Maybe I’ll think about a school assignment that I’m stuck on, or some task or another that’s getting stale on the to-do list. At this point, I may instinctively start to get up out of bed to try and tackle the task or assignment that’s troubling me.

When this happens, I try to stop myself, lie back down, and adjust my reason for getting out of bed. The initial anxiety that started to drive me to get up may be warranted, but I prefer to find another reason – not an anxious feeling – to get out of bed in the morning.

The thing that I’m planning to do must have some merit other than being a source of anxiety. If I think of the learning that will result from the task that I need to complete, and the additional exploration and learning that will follow in subsequent tasks, I can soon see that the day ahead involves exploration and discovery and learning and varied experiences. Then, I can let my natural curiosity about these things be the driving force that gets me out of bed, rather than a sense of anxiety about incomplete tasks. It’s a twist, perhaps, but a beneficial one.

Embrace It

Your own natural curiosity isn’t lost. It’s right there below the surface. It’s there and it wants your attention. Tap into it and let it be your reason for getting up in the morning. Let it be your reason for exploring technology and all the other things that you explore.

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