Are you seeing foliage scorch or other damage (as described in earlier post) and want to help increase our understanding of the impacts of our recent heat wave?  If so, you can report those effects to help foresters and researchers studying the longer-term impacts of this event. 

A group of scientists and forest managers at OSU and the USFS is asking people who observed these effects to report their observations by responding to this survey (link is also below). You will be using a website created by the Oregon Department of Forestry to survey drought impacts on forests.

Since this webpage was originally set up to report drought impacts on trees, you need to clarify that you are reporting about the recent heat wave. 

You will be asked to upload a photo of the injury.  Below that you are asked to provide a description or caption for the image.  In that description please note there  that you are reporting ‘impacts of the June 2021 heat wave and also include the phrase foliage scorch so they can retrieve these observations later for mapping and analysis of this extreme event. For example:

Impacts of June 2021 heat wave. Foliage scorch. Douglas-fir at day use area, Cascadia OR.
Impacts of June 2021 heat wave. Foliage scorch. Western redcedar at day use area, Cascadia OR.

Link to survey:

Thank you for your help! If you have any questions, please contact Chris Still at or (541) 737-4086. You will be using a website

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