Math Pathway at EOU

High school students can take a number of math classes offered by their high school teachers at their own high school for college credit. This program is called Sponsored Dual Credit Program (SDC). Notable features of this program are:

  • By taking a class through SDC, high school students not only get high school credit for but also get college credit. Thus, if they have acquired a good amount of college credit while in high school and choose to go to EOU for college education, their tuition will be significantly reduced.
  • Standards of SDC program are defined by the Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC). Documentation can be found here.
  • High school teachers who are interested in teaching SDC courses are invited to submit their applications on Early College Initiatives website.
  • High school teachers who are approved to teach an SDC course are sponsored by a faculty member of EOU’s Department of Mathematics to make sure that the syllabus, content, and academic rigor are aligned with other sections of the same course at the University.

As a Mathematics Pathway coordinator at EOU, I also serve as a sponsoring faculty. The high school teachers I have worked with are:

Academic year 2022-2023:

Last updated: November 22, 2022