Math Pathway at EOU

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The Sponsored Dual Credit (SDC) program is a high-school based college-credit partnership. In this program, high school students can take courses at their high school, taught by their high school teachers, and earn credit at the partner college. This feature is commonly known as the Dual Credit (DC) program, which requires high school teachers to have either a Master Degree in the subject or the completion of at least 20 credits of graduate work in the subject. The SDC program is an expansion of the DC program to allow high school teachers with fewer qualifications to teach in partnership with and under sponsorship of the college.

Starting package for approved high school teachers:

As a Mathematics Pathway coordinator at EOU, I also serve as a sponsoring faculty to provide high school teachers the support they need. The high school teachers to teach for EOU dual credit are:

Academic year 2023-2024:

Academic year 2022-2023:

Last updated: June 24, 2023