Week 2 Blog Post – Experiences with Discrimination

Note: I participated in the April 7th class session to fulfill the requirement. I am reposting my contribution here for reference and for further discussion with others.


Step 2: Consider the following scenario. You come across a news article reporting that your favorite company was faced with a public lawsuit in which they were accused of widespread discrimination against individuals from an ethnicity, culture, or belief system you associate with.

Step 3: Then create a blog post (250-300 words) where answer the following questions:

  • Would the outstanding claims of discrimination change the way you felt about the company?

When I work for a company I try to get a good feeling and understanding of the company culture and ethics to help ensure that I support the company and are aligned with my own beliefs.  If I heard this report and wasn’t at least partly aware of these kind of complaints I would be surprised.  I would seek to understand more of the circumstances of the complaints and if they are well founded.  If they were well founded that I would side with the group being discriminated against and advocate for their rights.  I would seek to help change the company in any way I could to address the issue and if I really felt the issue would never go away I would consider the issue as part of a basis for leaving the company.

  • Would it influence your decisions to support that company?

I would still support the company as long as I work there, but if there was a real injustice then I would advocate for change to address it.  I believe that companies can change and address issues and strengthen their culture and corporate values.

  • Would it change whether or not you applied to work for that company in the future? Why or why not?

If I was not working for this company and I was considering applying to the company, yes this type of issue would be part of my decision on whether to apply or not.  I would try to understand how the company is addressing the issue and if they are going to be able to resolve it and prevent it from happening again.

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