Tidy Tech

  • Healthy coders

    In my head, the biggest existential threat to my career as a software developer is being unhealthy as a result of this (frequently) sedentary lifestyle. I recently started full-time work as a coder and already feel the aches and strains in my back from long hours at my desk. However, mental health is also equally […]

  • Levelheadedness in Development

    At every skill level in software development, there are people facing problems and frustrations and finding solutions and triumphs. I am here to pose the challenge to prioritizing levelheadedness at every step of the way — through the good and tough times. Each of us would benefit from greater mental toughness, less emotional volatility, and […]

  • Embracing being a newbie

    Graduating with a computer science degree would seem to prove that I have achieved expertise in the computer programming world. I think the opposite is more true; I am a newbie and I am embracing this status. This week was my first week at at my first real full-time job as a software engineer. The […]

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