Personal and Workplace Stress

After receiving my score from the three tests and what they all meant, I wasn’t to surprised by them as I already knew most of that about myself and have been told it plenty of times. With the life stress inventory test, my score was less than 150 points, meaning I haven’t had much life changing events in the past year and I am not that susceptible to stress in my life. With the stress management test, I did receive a 56 and was told I use a lot of problem-focused coping. It did somewhat surprise me as I don’t feel like I do that as much, rather than talking to a friend and doing more activities that distract me, but besides those, I mostly just go with the flow and figure things out. With the personality test, it wasn’t a surprise to me at all but I did receive a 42, where I know that I am extremely competitive, and in these situations, along with if I am stressed out, I can be pretty hostile and let out my emotions on others.

As I continue to progress in my professional career, I can learn to understand that not everything is a competition, especially in the workplace. Currently, a lot of things are competitive to me with my friends, especially with the extracurriculars we participate in, but outside of those activities, I don’t typically get in that state, but in the workplace, I can take steps to realizing it is a lot more about work, and it doesn’t mean that much about how I perform compared to others.

Many organizations, along with my current job, offer wellness webinars and classes that allow employees to learn about methods and techniques to cope with stress and often display postings or emails to let the word out about them because they want to support their employees.

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