How Compensation Incentivizes Behaviors and Choices

There have been many times where I made a choice based on the compensation I was receiving. My most recent one was for an internship this upcoming Summer and the internship I currently hold. With my current internship, I already knew I didn’t want to go back next Summer just because I didn’t enjoy it as much and my benefits and compensation weren’t that good. However, I had a few offers that I was contemplating between and somewhat thought I would enjoy one more than the other, however I was receiving better pay and benefits with a different one. Between these two offers, I ultimately ended up accepting the one that was paying me more and offering me more benefits rather than the one that I thought I may enjoy more.

With this choice between my offers, I believe compensation motived it because I already know that next Summer, I have a few plans and would need time off, and I am given paid time off that will be extremely nice for me, motivating me to choose that offer over the other because I can still go out and enjoy my Summer and still get paid for it. For me to actually accept the offer, I was pretty quick to decide which one to take. I ready through all my compensation for each of them, compared them, and just knew that one was better than the other. With the one I accepted, I was receiving $8 more an hour, which over the entire Summer will add up quickly, as well as the paid time off and paid sick hours, which I saw and thought it would be extremely useful and have and help me out financially.