• Debuggin’

    Inevitably working a long term project means that struggles will arise. In those times, when stuck, it is important to spend a little time struggling on your own, and potentially digging an even bigger hole, as coming out the other side will leave you more experienced in the end. However, it is also key to […]

  • Project Midpoint

    So far the project journey for team AR Arcade Classics, working on an AR Pacman game, is going well. We are using discord to communicated pretty much exclusively, which gives us the medium to text, share files, and have calls to discuss, and overall has a been a great tool to help keep us on […]

  • Blog Post #1

    Hello World! My name is Nick and I’m in the last term of my CS degree at OSU. I plan to capture the journey through the capstone project here, as well as reflect on my learnings and team experience. Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey” and when it comes […]

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