Time Management

I write this because as I get into these projects with others I always believe I will have plenty of time to get my share of the project done. This is an erroneous assumption. The truth is that I have very little time and the only person I have to blame is myself. Do you… Continue reading Time Management

Git Your Game On

I don’t know if it’s just me but quite often I struggle in Github. There is jargon that makes little sense and a tree structure that can expand so rapidly it can make one’s head spin. There is a learning curve to understanding how best to use it. I wish there was a single definite… Continue reading Git Your Game On

Hey, Imposter

You, too, can be here. I think the most overwhelming part of a developer’s journey is reconciling the little thing called the bottom line. What exactly are you doing with all this? How can you possibly learn it all? Do you ever feel Imposter Syndrome? Perhaps in our younger years, we were avid gamers and… Continue reading Hey, Imposter