Physical Alteration of Magnesium Gluconate and The Trivedi Effect !

Magnesium Gluconate is a dietary supplement used for the treatment and prevention of hypomagnesemia. As noted by multiple medical journals, Magnesium Gluconate deficiency can cause an array of diseases like inflammation, immunological disorders, cancer, diabetes mellitus, stress. Thus magnesium gluconate is primarily used in the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industry. However, the biggest problem that scientists continually run into is the low absorptivity of the above drug in the body. There are multiple reasons that can be attributed to its low solubility in the bloodstream for instance, its thermal stability and bigger size of the crystallite structure.

Fortunately, there have been recent groundbreaking studies in the field of Conscious energy treatment. An experiment was conducted by researchers at The Trivedi Foundation to measure the effects of biofield energy treatment on magnesium gluconate. In the experiment magnesium gluconate was divided into two samples, control and treated. Alice Branton, one of the three Master Healers treated the sample with conscious biofield energy. The PXRD analysis showed that the relative peak intensities and crystallite sizes of the characteristic diffraction peaks in the treated sample were significantly altered from -73.55% to 17.21% and from -14.28% to 125.11%. The average crystallite size was significantly increased by 19.29% in the treated sample compared to the control sample. However, the surface area decreased by 21.34% compared to the control sample. The melting point of the Biofield Energy Treated sample (170.16°C) was decreased by 0.19% compared the control sample (170.48°C). The latent heat of fusion in the treated sample was increased by 3.11% compared to the control sample. The TGA analysis exhibited three steps thermal degradation and the total weight loss of the treated sample was increased by 0.29% compared to the control sample.

As we can clearly see from the results that the physical structure of the very compound magnesium gluconate was altered at the atomic level. This kind of energy treatment can have wide variety of applications not only in material science but also in pharmaceutical industry.


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