Biofield Energy Treatment: A pathway to combat Multidrug Resistant Microbe

Besides several medications, energy medicine is also practiced in different health care settings to improve the quality and overall health. To study the effect of biofield energy medicine, Mr. Mahendra Kumar Trivedi’s unique biofield energy (known as The Trivedi Effect®) has been studied experimentally on MDR isolates of Enterobacter aerogenes, and outcomes suggest some unique type of finding. E. aerogenes has been increasingly reported for resistant against different antimicrobials that lead to the emergence of multidrug-resistant (MDR) isolates. The findings were published in the peer-reviewed International Journal “Pharmaceutical Care & Health Systems” with altered percentage as 14.28% in antimicrobial sensitivity, 12.50% in minimum inhibitory concentration of tested antimicrobial, and 45.45% in biochemical reactions with changed biotype number. Biofield also known as morphic field that surrounds all the living things and guides their development and function in different fields. This research finding suggest that Mr. Trivedi’s unique biofield energy treatment on clinical MDR isolates of E. aerogenes has the significant effect on altering the sensitivity of antimicrobials, with decreased antimicrobial concentrations, which can be used as an better alternative treatment strategy under complementary and alternate medicine. Biofield energy treatment can combat the phenomenon of antimicrobial resistant to fight against infections due to the increased emergence of multi drug-resistant strain of E. aerogenes. We can therefore conclude that biofield energy medicine is the medical art of “cutting out the middleman” of matter. With any kind of resistant microbial infections, rather to ingest a medicine, that may be full of side effects, a patient could take such an integrative approach, which could break down the cause, absorb it directly and can be directly applied for different therapeutic effects.

Trivedi Science is one of the few organization in the world which uses Biofield energy transmissions in its scientific experiments and achieves a scientific breakthrough. The mind and man behind this magnificent idea is Guruji Mahendra Trivedi who is gifted and has unparalleled divine powers.

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