The Final Blog Post

At long last, the final blog post. Since my last blog post I have implemented a lot of features that tie the application together. There are a few more technical features that need to be implemented before the project is finished. After the final technical details have been finished we will have refine the design… Continue reading The Final Blog Post

Capstone Blog #7

Hello Blog post my old friend, I’ve come to type you up again. As I missed the last assigned blog post, it has been quite some time since I updated you (2 weeks) much has happened in the project. We turned in our midpoint document on the first of this month and while reflecting on… Continue reading Capstone Blog #7

Capstone Blog #5

Hello again, mandatory blog entry. You know when I say it like that, it almost sounds like I don’t like writing these blogs. Which is totally not the case, I adore writing these entries, especially when I am crunched for time. With my sarcastic opening over, I do think that writing these blog posts helps… Continue reading Capstone Blog #5

Capstone Blog#4

Since I missed my third assigned blog post last week, this post will be an update on what has happened in the two weeks since my last post. Finally, we have started to code our project. I had mixed feelings about spending so much time on the initial project plan document, but now that we… Continue reading Capstone Blog#4

Capstone Blog #1

Hello and welcome to my blog! Something tells me that exact sentence has been used ad infinitum in the context of blogging, yet here we are. As you can probably tell, this is my (Riley Joinnides’) personal blog for Oregon State University’s computer science capstone course. This will be my final course in the program.… Continue reading Capstone Blog #1

Hello world!

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