Podcast Praise

As you can guess from the title, today I will be talking about two of my favorite podcasts. Recently I have found that I enjoy podcasts much more than I ever thought I could. True crime and sports are two things that I enjoy learning about and figured this would be a great genre to… Continue reading Podcast Praise

Winter Time Delight

              As the first snowflakes drop down near me in Billings Montana, I am reminded of a memory that takes place during a skiing trip I took with a friend of mine. I did not start skiing at a young age, in fact this memory is the about the first time I went skiing. Many… Continue reading Winter Time Delight

The Last “Dance”

Introduction The last “dance” will be a blog following my journey through a course at OSU. I figured the best way to start off the blog is share a little bit about myself. For this introduction, I will go over my journey that lead me to OSU and an old but revitalized interest of mine.… Continue reading The Last “Dance”