Diaries of a personal-trainer-app developer:

  • Tips n’ Tricks

    In developing the backend for our personal trainer app, I used three technologies which were new to me: Google Cloud App Engine, Datastore, and Postman. When approaching learning a new technology, my method is to first look on the official website of the technology to see if they provide a rudimentary tutorial, which they usually […]

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  • Divide and Conquer

    Divide and Conquer

    Recursion isn’t the only implementation of this sage advice. When it comes to teamwork, dividing and conquering is the first step in collaboration. As such, my team and I spent the past week mapping our division of labor for the rest of the quarter. Seeing as the four of us are computer scientists, this task […]

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  • Hey there, world!

    Hey there, world!

    Welcome to my personal-trainer-app dev journey. First off, here’s a bit about me at the time of writing this first post: My previous career (if you can call a string of college internships and a four month stint as a copywriter a career) was full of short-lived campaign creation, press releases, and advertisement design. It […]

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