#3: Interview Prep

Before enrolling at Oregon State University to pursue a career change, I wanted to be a lawyer. I took two Constitutional Law classes during my previous college education, studied and took the LSAT twice, and had even put a deposit down for a law school. Studying for the LSAT was an interesting experience, combining sadistic… Continue reading #3: Interview Prep

#2: Self-Teaching

While I’m thankful to the OSU CS program for a lot, one of the things I’m most appreciative of is a firm foundation with which to become comfortable scouring the internet for resources, tutorials, and documentation to self-teach new skills. Primarily, this experience has manifested itself through learning the MERN stack, or more specifically becoming… Continue reading #2: Self-Teaching

#1: About me

Welcome strangers, classmates, and friends to my blog. Timothy Jan is my parents-are-angry-with-me-name, but I’ve gone by “TJ” or “Teej” since I can remember.    My interest in computers and technology began kindergarten graduation night. Little TJ, clothed in a miniature cap & gown, sat in the backseat of his mom’s Nissan Quest minivan and… Continue reading #1: About me