My screenshot taken yesterday between the LBJ Boyhood Home and the visitor center. It’s everywhere!

Guest Post by Rhonda Wise – My name is Rhonda Wise and I am currently working as a Seasonal Interpretive Park Ranger at Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park in Johnson City, TX. As an Interpretive Ranger, my job is not only to educate but to connect our visitors, on a personal level, to the cultural and natural resources associated to the Johnson Presidency. The National Park Service is embarking on its second century of service. I want to make sure that I am prepared to represent the agency while adapting to meet the needs of our future visitors in a way that is relevant to them.

Pok’ewhat?!? Social media is swamped with the reports and posts, both good and bad, about the new Pok’emon Go mobile app and game.  The mobile app takes gamers to historical sites and markers in a quest to ‘catch’ the Pok’emon creatures.  The National Park Service is embracing it, with our current director producing a video welcoming Trainers, as the gamers are called, to the parks.  With his endorsement, I added his video to our facebook page and welcomed trainers to Lyndon B. Johnson National Historik Park (but inside I am cringing). 

Is this how we get millennials into and experiencing the parks?  I read an article today that made a statement that took my attention. ”Pok’emon Go managed to accomplish something that museums, historic sites and others have struggled with for years:  Getting a generation of nerds into the world to discover it, and its stories, anew.”

The positive… Pok’mon Go Live article

And the negative… Holocaust Museum

I will be anxiously watching as this plays out. Will we find new connections with this Pok’emon generation or will parks be a nondescript backdrop for the game? Is this or can this be used as a digital educational tool?  Thoughts? 

(Stay tuned. Rhonda is working on a project for the Educational Technology course. When it’s complete, an update will be made here to direct traffic to more of her engaging posts like this.)

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LET Community Summer Exploration

LET 360A huge thank you to everyone who participated face-to-face or virtually in the Learning Educational Technologies (LET) Community this academic year! We had lively discussions surrounding social media in education, YouSeeU, hybrid/online teaching, adaptive analytics and more. As a result of our collaboration, several of us presented A Smorgasbord of Integrating Educational Learning Tools at the Spring 2016 Ecampus Faculty Forum

We rounded out the year with a celebration of accomplishments and an exploration of emerging technologies. Victor Yee shared work by the Ecampus Multimedia team. Some of it can be accessed on the Outreach and Engagement Technology presentation Canvas site. Cub Kahn showed us a hybrid poster using Aurasma, which can quickly add a virtual dimension to posters. Jennifer Bachman took a 360 picture of the group and showcased it on Google Cardboard Glasses. Cheridy Aduviri shared a few nostalgic, fun sites like Itch-A-Skitch and Star Wars Crawl Creator. She also shared some favorite online map sites and encourages K-12 educators to think creatively while browsing the When Tech Met Ed Educational Sites tab. Jennifer treated us to homemade scones! As we continue our learning technology explorations, we consider frameworks that take into consideration supporting learning, creativity, communication, collaboration, etc. in meaningful and new ways.

If you weren’t able to join us, check out some of the sites linked to in this post. Consider joining the Tech’d Out Learning Facebook group over the summer.

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If you need a web collaboration tool for video conferencing, screen sharing, etc., give WebEx a try. OSU purchased a site license. Get started with the WebEx Computer Help Documents. A link to OSU WebEx is on the right hand navigation menu under OSU Quick Links.

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Spring Term LET Community Dates

hand-226708_640Mark your calendar for the Learning Educational Technology (LET) Committee Spring term dates! Join colleagues in the College of Education in community building surrounding learning technologies. Our broad plan is to focus on hands-on experience with learning technologies and to continue conversations surrounding online social justice started in our Winter All College meeting.  If you have any special requests for topics to discuss or ideas for guests, let either Cheridy or Jennifer know.

  • Fridays from 10-12 in Furman 405 on April 8th, May 13th, and June 3rd.

Can’t make a meeting? Join the conversation in the Tech’d Out Learning Facebook group.

We look forward to engaging conversation and tasty snacks. Hope to see you there!

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Online and Hybrid Teaching Training Opportunities

Are you new to online or hybrid teaching at OSU or want to take your skills to the next level? Ecampus, the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) offer trainings and workshops. Technology Across the Curriculum offers faculty support in Canvas and other learning technologies.

OnlineEcampus Online Trainings and Workshops

  • Teaching an Online Course — This is a two week online self-paced training course.  It’s designed for someone who is new to teaching online and teaching an established online course.  It gives hands-on experience and allows participants to experience online learning from the student’s experience. Contact Karen Watte to register.
  • New Instructor Training – This is a 2-hour session (live/online) approximately two weeks before the start of each term.  It is designed for new online instructors.  It devotes an hour to best practices in online teaching and an hour to Canvas basics. Contact Karen Watte.
  • Canvas Facilitator Training – This is a 50-minute training offered various times during the month before each new term. It reviews important Canvas features. It is offered both online and face-to-face.  Registration is online.

Check out all Ecampus development and training workshops. Keep your eyes open for updates and useful hints from Ecampus in their email newsletters.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/snre/5114827205/CTL Hybrid Trainings, Workshops and Grant Opportunities

TAC Workshops and Canvas Updates

  • TAC Events — This is a current calendar of events. TAC frequently provides Canvas workshops and support for faculty.
  • Canvas Transition Site — Check out the many Canvas specific resources and Lynn Greenough’s Canvas support office hours on the right hand side of the Migration Help page.
  • TAC Canvas Updates mailing list is also a useful resource. Join it for brief updates and useful tips sent to your inbox.

We have some wonderful resources on Campus! Enjoy getting to know them.

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Kaltura and Canvas Integration

Kaltura WhiteboardIn our December LET Community meeting, Raul Burriel from OSU Media Services presented an overview of Kaltura and it’s integration with Canvas. He discussed distributing video securely and in compliance with FERPA through OSU Media Spaces. He provided us a demonstration followed by hands on practice using Capture Space on My Media and so much more. It was both informative and practical!

All instructors are encouraged to become familiar with the features of Kaltura and it’s integration with Canvas. Enter at your own comfort level. Raul extends an invitation to instructors to meet with him one-on-one to learn. The combination of his knowledge and patience makes this a win-win invitation for all skill levels.

Here are a few resources to explore as you learn about some of the technologies available to both instructors and students at the touch of our fingers.

OSU Media Spaces

The Canvas Migration site also provides useful information in one place. Here are a few informative documents on the site related to Kaltura.

The OSU WebEx, a video conferencing tool, is also integrated with Kaltura.

Give recording a video, editing, or a screen capture a try using Kaltura. Then, join us at our next meeting to let us know how it goes!

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Winter Term LET Community Dates

hand-226708_640Start the New Year off by sharing and learning about learning technologies with your colleagues in the College of Education. Winter term, the LET Community will meet Fridays from 10-11:50 in Furman 405 on January 15th, February 12th, and March 11th.  If you have any special requests for topics to discuss or ideas for guests, let either Cheridy or Jennifer know.

A thank you to those who join us! We look forward to meeting each month, and it’s because of those who attend! The treats help too :-)

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October 2nd LET Community Highlights

highlighter-603992_1280Thanks to so many for joining the October 2nd LET Community meeting! Here are a few of many points we discussed.

Canvas, Canvas, Canvas for Instructors

  • The Canvas Migration Help page has the answer to many FAQs. Thanks for the reminder about this resource from Lynn Greenough of the Technology Across the Curriculum.
  • Want to add an external link to the course navigation bar? Use the Redirect Tool app. When logged into your course, access it by going to settings/apps.

OSU Learning Technology Resources

  • There are some quick links to learning technology resources at OSU on the navigational menu on the right of this site.
  • Check out the Inspire site by Ecampus. The Canvas Notifications article may be handy at the beginning of the term in drafting a reminder post to students.

2016 Hybrid Faculty Learning Community

What’s next?

These represent a few highlights. Join us for the upcoming LET Community meetings as we build community surrounding learning technologies and pave the road for learning together. Chime in or follow the conversation on the Tech’d Out Learning Facebook group.

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LET Community Fall 2015 Meetings

LET PictureJoin the LET Community (Learning Educational Technologies). Our goal is to share and learn together surrounding learning technologies. You are welcome to come for the entire time or come and go as fits your schedule.

We will kick off our first meeting with a welcome, community building, and planning for upcoming meetings/events surrounding learning technologies. Coffee and snacks will be provided!

Tentative meetings for Fall term are the following Fridays from 10-11:50 in Furman 404: October 2, November 6 and December 4

Also, join the conversation or follow on our Tech’d Out Learning Facebook group!

Hope to see you there!

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Explore Learning Technology Resources

recommendsWant to explore some learning technology resources? In our last LET Community meeting, we shared some of our favorites. Here are a few that represent an array of topics.

  • Cub Kahn suggests Teaching in a Digital Age. It is a new open, online textbook by Tony Bates, a long-time leader in the online learning world. Here are some sample chapters titles: Ch. 7 – Pedagogical Differences between Media, Ch. 8 – Choosing and Using Media in Education, Ch. 9 – Modes of Delivery, Ch. 11 – Ensuring Quality Teaching in a Digital Age.

Asking me for my one recommendation is like asking me if I’ll take a chocolate or coffee. My response is “Yes please to both.” Here’s a variety that serve different purposes.

  • Free Technology for Teachers is a must if you are interested in online learning technology tools. Richard Byrne shares and reviews free resources that teachers can use in the classroom. His short posts often include suggestions of how to incorporate the technologies and how to guides.
  • EdSurge is a site I subscribe to and enjoy updates on everything from product reviews for education, to research, to ed tech start ups.
  • Audrey Watters writes in many places, including Hack Education. I enjoy her insight, wit and candor in reporting on ed tech.
  • Steve Hargadon is also at the top of my list. He is behind many projects such as The Learning Revolution and free online conferences like the Global Education Conference.

If this isn’t enough, check out more of my recommendations at When Tech Met Ed/Blogs, Podasts, Social Networking as PD.

Don’t get overwhelmed as you explore! Organize in a RSS reader, such as Feedly or Inoreader and return to your favorites at your leisure.  

What are a few of your favorites?  Join us in sharing at our next LET Community or on the Tech’d Out Learning Facebook Group!

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