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  • Stress and Coping Strategies

    After taking these three stress tests, I found I had a better understanding of myself, especially my personality and how it relates to my health. Take the Life Stress Inventory shows that my stress level is 180, which means that I have been under a high level of stress in the past year, which is […]

  • Take a Look at Compensation From an Employee’s Perspective

    Compensation is really critical to modern business. As a sales employee, I deeply felt the great incentives brought by compensation. We are all well aware that compensation is an incentive or a subsidy other than salary or compensation. From this perspective, compensation really motivates an employee, at least from my experience. Last year, I worked […]

  • The Effective Trainning vs The Ineffective Trainning

    A training that does not make me feel beneficial is my driving skills training. A few years ago, when I took a driver’s license training in China, I encountered a very ineffective training. Almost all Chinese driving training needs to register at a driving training school and learn under the guidance of the coach. However, […]

  • Results of Implicit Attitude Test

    My Implicit Attitude Test result shows”a moderate automatic association for American with Asian American and Foreign with European American.” This result implies that my implicit bias is mild. Based on this result, I argue that implicit bias influences the idea of the reliability or validity of the selection process through an inherent impression, or steretypes. […]

  • Disturbing Feelings in An Interview

    Since I was constantly looking for part-time work to subsidize my life, I went through a lot of formal and informal interviews. In my experience, I found that one of the major problems with most interviews is bias. The bias is difficult for candidates to detect, but it always makes them feel strange. First of […]

  • Maintain Talens Through Internship

    When developing job descriptions, one of the challenges many HR managers face is how to set a different standard of treatment for interns and current employees. Compared to existing employees, interns are often those who lack experience and are not familiar with the corporate culture and tasks. Usually, training, getting familiar with the job, and […]

  • Blog 1-Fortune 100 Best Companies

    The three companies I chose were Hilton, American Express, and Adobe Systems Incorporated. First, when scanning Hilton, it can be found that the company’s mission is to make the world a better place through hospitality (Hilton). The company’s data indicates that 92% of guests think the service is excellent, and the global benchmark of the […]

  • Hello world!

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