Last week I gave a lecture on research ethics. I have a love/hate relationship with teaching research ethics.

To drive home the importance of why we have an IRB and IACUC, I point out some of the atrocities that have happened in the name of science… and it’s heavy; hard to digest.

But this brings to light very specific reasons why we have historically treated each other poorly. Treating others as “less than”. Less than my color. Less than my origin. Less than my race. Less than my species. This devalues, and puts the other group in a separate compartment that: doesn’t need, doesn’t deserve, doesn’t want… doesn’t feel.

We are all only human.

My only “tip” for this week is to think about your students. We are in such a unique position to evaluate so much more about a student than the major area skills.

Are you making them feel heard, valued, human? You may be the first to recognize behavior patterns that indicate something else going on. And you don’t need to sacrifice academic rigor to be a kind person.

Now go enjoy your week fellow human!

Humanlike Robots and Your Brain Creepy Feeling

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