I sure did!

I was going to start this week with “too legit to quit”, but the classic just couldn’t be passed up. Make sure to watch the Vanilla Ice “Ice Ice Baby” to see some sweet 90’s drama!

Anyway… Just two things.

-Reminder to think about “Keep, Start, Stop”! It’s a great way to to get some honest feedback from your students. Hopefully by now they have an assignment or quiz completed so they have a little bit of footing in your class. This gives you a chance to see what is/isn’t working this term.

It’s pretty easy to set up an anonymous quiz for extra credit points through Canvas. You just have to download the report afterwards to get the responses. These also look great on an annual review! Let me know if you want/need more direction for this.

-Lastly, CTL is putting on a short session through Information Services on how to put quizzes in your videos. Just in case you were worried if they were paying attention or not, or, you know, reward students who ARE actually paying attention.

The sessions are Wed, April 28th from 2-3pm or Thurs, April 29th from 10-11am.

I hope you glide through this week like MC Hammer glides across the stage. (…short little crab-like steps?)

Mc Hammer GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

-Tim Burnett

Instructor of Kinesiology


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