Soooo, past due, but better late than… next year?

I made the mistake of trying to go down the road of correctly attributing the title quote, but that’s a quagmire I didn’t want on a Monday morning.

But most commonly attributed to Newton, “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.”

Point being, all of my apparent teaching knowledge is only because I’m “borrowing” from others… which they borrowed from others.

I’d say this is more like children in a trench coat, standing on each other to get into an “R” movie.

Anyway, resources!

Did you know the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) does consultations and mentoring? Of course you did!

Think you can multitask? I know you can’t. But try with this podcast on higher ed learning.

A question and resources to ponder:

  • What can we do to create more humanizing, equity-oriented, socially-connected, and politically critical classrooms?
    • Make videos for students (individually or for the group).
    • Be willing to share a little about yourself (especially challenges).
    • Show representations of diverse people in your course content.
    • Ask students what’s missing in a chart, infographic, or data set.
    • Incorporate discussions about current events as they relate to the course topics.
    • Facilitate difficult conversations.
    • Don’t be afraid to REthink critically what we have been doing in the past and encourage students’ critical thinking and generate meaningful discussions.
    • Allow flexibility as much as possible.
    • Be open-minded and keep learning.

Ok, I’m off to do business at my business office.

Vincent Adultman | BoJack Horseman Wiki | Fandom

-Tim Burnett

Instructor of Kinesiology

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