By the wind.

My power was out, internet is still out, and pine needles are covering my yard once more.

But hey, at least we are BACK!

Wait, no, this back!

Things happened, are happening, and will happen

Remi Kalir (Learning in a time of Pandemic podcast) is giving a presentation to CPHHS at 2pm today about the same topic. Zoom link

The Teaching Tech Talk Tuesday… or was it Talking Tech on Teaching Tuesday… or maybe Tuesday Tech Talks on Tuesday… Regardless, Spring’s CTL T4 workshops are starting up. It’s a certificated program if you are involved with a certain number of them. Check it out.

While purpose built for main campus, CTL has a “New to OSU” game for new faculty to get used to the resources that OSU has. While certain things may not apply (like finding specific buildings on main campus) there are a ton of other resources for new faculty there.

Hope everyone is ready for some great weather! (at some point?)

-Tim Burnett

Instructor of Kinesiology

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