Leave your body at the door!

Shout out to Ron Reuter for his song request! Ok, he didn’t really request it, and I’m not a DJ, but he was totally thinking it.

Oh, and I’m glad we are on the quarter system, I was tired of taking off my shoes for the last third of a semester. (Get it? I’m bad at counting). I’ll be here all week, tip your waitstaff.

But seriously

As we run through the last modules, set up Q&A session, and allow time for group projects, this relative calm before the grading storm should provide a great time to reflect on this term specifically.

How did it go in general?

Did you use any new techniques to gauge learning or interest?

If so, how did they go? (I typically go back to my “Keep, Start, Stop” comments and evaluate if I actually changed things in a way that addressed concerns)

While it’s fresh in your mind, make changes to course content or make a visible note or instructions for when you can revisit and adjust.

Don’t forget yourself

How did YOU do this term? Always behind, frustrated, unbalanced, or did you stick the landing?

If you have ever talked to and EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) you may have heard that the first priority is their own safety. Because, if they get hurt, no one is getting saved. I know, a little less dire for us, but it still applies.

So think of what might make next term/year more balanced or what you might be doing to decompress after grades are submitted.

(I’ve always wondered about the weekly beer consumption between finals week and break…)

-Tim Burnett

Instructor of Kinesiology


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