From The Teaching Professor, an article about where the responsibility lies in education.

To save you some time, here are some key take-aways from the post “Stop Blaming Students! Why We Must Teach Students, Not Content” by Liz Norell

“What students need

As faculty, we have an important role to play in breaking down unnecessary barriers that might impede our students’ sense of belonging. In wrestling with the bigger question, “What do they need us for?,” I’ve come to believe that the faculty role breaks down into three spheres. We…

-inspire our students with our enthusiasm for our subjects (and for learning more broadly);

-structure the material so they can build expertise; and

-coach them to achieve the goals they have set for themselves.

Just as importantly, though, we are modeling for students the traits we want to see more of in the world. Higher education is a place where we cultivate knowledge, seek understanding, get excited about learning.”

How we impact

(Andrews favorite word)

Liz continues on with how we play a role in the learning process. Skills and ideas that aren’t gained by strict knowledge retention.

-Growth mindset

-Purpose and Relevance

-Social Belonging

Lastly, Liz discusses the issues with just “covering” material. How useful is that material if no one learns it? How useful is that material if no one has the additional skill set to put it to proper use?


-Tim Burnett

Instructor of Kinesiology

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