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  • Most Important Thing I’ve Learned

    Over the course of this term, I learned a lot about recruitment and selection. I came into this class not knowing much at all about this topic, but now I feel confident enough to describe it to others. The most important thing I learned was the lesson on the implications for Job Seekers in last […]

  • Self-Reflection

    For this week’s blog post the task is to evaluate myself through four different questions: What am I good at? At this point in my life I feel that I am good a several different things. Some of these include: analytical skills, leadership, organizational skills, Emotional intelligence, communication, and a few more. I have realized […]

  • IPIP Results & Reactions

    For this week’s assignment I chose to do the short version of the IPIP-NEO. This test consisted of 120 different personality questions that I answered honestly. The results of the test did not really shock me, and I did not think that anything was that inaccurate. In the first section of Extraversion, I scored as […]

  • Typical vs. Maximal Performance

    If I were the business owner looking to hire an essential opening in my company, I would choose Jaime. I believe that over time I will get a lot more out of Jaime for the company than I would if I had hired Avery. Jaime is a consistent worker and that gives good results day […]

  • Critiquing a Recruitment Ad

    I think my personal brand to employers can be described as hardworking, adaptable, and goal oriented. This is largely due to everything I have learned growing up from my family and what I have experienced while in the United States Navy. I have worked very hard to achieve past goals and get to where I […]

  • Job Descriptions

    The last job I had was an aviation structural mechanic in the United States Navy. When I wanted to join, I had initially been looking for a different job related to construction and combat however, the job was unavailable at the time. There was only one open spot for one of the positions and it […]

  • Experiences with Discrimination

    After coming across a news article reporting that my favorite company was in a public lawsuit accused of discrimination against individuals that align with myself, my point of view of the company would definitely change for the worse. I would no longer consider that company to be my favorite anymore and would look for the […]

  • The Case for Recruitment & Selection

    Organizations might decide to allocate more resources to marketing or product design instead of recruitment and selection because they might not need to search too in depth to find great candidates. Large popular companies such as Google, Nike, and Microsoft do not need to spend very much time searching for candidates because so many people […]

  • Job Application Experiences

    The last job I applied for was actually an internship position last year at CED or Consolidated Electrical Distributors. I have been lucky to have had many jobs, but only actually applied to one of them because of connections or other circumstances. During this experience, I met with a representative from CED at one of […]

  • Week 1 Compensation Motivation Blog Post

    When I joined the Navy, I became an aviation structural mechanic. Now I definitely did not do this for compensation at the time, as early enlisted members of the military are paid very horrible, but over time I was motivated by it. After basic training and several months of aviation schooling I finally made it […]

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